When purchasing a luxury home, you have to look beyond the number of bathrooms and the material used for the countertops. As important as these items are, there are many other factors that directly impact how much you'll enjoy a particular house. In addition to checking the basics, use these other tips to find yourself the perfect luxury home.

Check the Surrounding Neighborhood

First, look beyond the walls of a house and even beyond its property boundaries. Check out the surrounding neighborhood to make sure it has the features you want in a community. What these features are will depend on your personal situation. For example, you may want any of the following items in a neighborhood:

  • Strong public or private schools nearby if you have children
  • Expansive properties that afford privacy if you're a known celebrity
  • Historic homes if you take pride in your city or town's past
  • Nearby restaurants if you're too busy to cook

Whatever you decide to prioritize in a neighborhood, only purchase a luxury home if your most-wanted amenities are nearby. No matter how nice a house is, it won't be perfect unless you have access to what you want.

Research Proposed Building Plans

Second, make sure no one has building plans that will ruin your immediate surroundings soon after you purchase a luxury home. For instance, you might want to make sure no one intends to build an industrial building or skyscraper right next door. Either type of building could significantly detract from how desirable your new house is.

Researching future building plans is especially important if you're purchasing a luxury home partly because it has a beautiful view. If a home has a view of the city's skyline or a clear line of vision to the water, make sure there aren't any plans to interrupt that line of sight.

You can find out whether anyone has current plans to construct something nearby by checking with the local zoning board to see if plans have been submitted. Most buildings that would interrupt a luxury home's line of sight are large enough that they'd require a permit, so building plans would have to be submitted to the zoning board before construction could commence.

To further protect your home from potential future construction projects, you can check how the land around a house is zoned. Zoning laws that prevent large projects will help protect a good view.

To learn more, contact a real estate agent about luxury homes.