Just like other industries, the real estate industry is filled with untested beliefs that aren't necessarily correct. Here are some of the ways in which you can deal with these beliefs:

Turning Bedrooms into Other Rooms

Conventional wisdom has it that only a large family needs multiple bedrooms. However, this is not strictly true and it isn't a taboo to buy a home with multiple bedrooms even if you are a small family (or even if you live alone). This is because you can easily turn an extra bedroom or two into other rooms. For example, if you have always wanted a home theater, an art studio or even a library, you don't have to buy a home with such dedicated rooms; you can just get a multi-bedroom house and turn one of the bedrooms into a different use.

Turning a Small Bedroom into a Closet

If you have always wanted a walk-in closet, and you can't find a suitable home with the features, don't despair. In fact, you should be thankful if you find a home with a spare bedroom because you can easily use the smallest bedroom as a sort of walk-in closet. Stuff all your dressing mirrors, clothes, shoes, and other dressing accessories into the small bedroom and you will be the envy of your friends.

You Don't Need a Big House if You Are Alone

Buying a big house just because you can afford it doesn't make sense. Yet, when you reach a certain point in life, you may feel the society's pressure to buy a big house. Maybe you have been promoted to head the local branch of your company or your investments have been doing well and you now move in moneyed circles. Note that there are many wealthy individuals who have scorned the sprawling colonial homes and live in modest places.

No Swimming Pool Even If the Neighborhood Adores It

There are some neighborhoods where swimming pools are so common that only a few homes don't have them. If you are looking for a home in such a location, you may think that you must get one with a swimming pool. However, you shouldn't buy a home with a pool if you don't like swimming because taking care of a pool is neither easy nor cheap; you don't want to take care of one and not use it.

No Large Kitchen If You Won't Be Cooking

In most places, the size and style of the kitchen are some of the factors that determine how attractive a home is. In fact, homes with spacious kitchens filled with the latest appliances and bells and whistles often attract premium prices. However, you shouldn't bother with such things if you rarely cook, especially if you don't have a family.

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