As you begin your search for a new home, there are some things you can specify to help your Realtor find the perfect property for you quickly and efficiently. You will want to provide as much information as possible so your Realtor can accurately assess your best properties.

Here are some of the things you should specify.

Type of Property 

When it comes to finding the perfect home, specification is key. Telling your Realtor exactly what you're looking for—including square footage and the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and stories—will help them quickly narrow down the list of potential homes that fit your needs. 

Additionally, by communicating any additional features you may want in a home, including any specific amenities, your real estate agent can focus on those requirements while searching for a property.

Specifying specific features and amenities before looking for a home can save time and energy in the long run. Without these details provided ahead of time, it is easy for your agent to show you homes that don't have all the things you're looking for. This could waste precious time that could have been spent more effectively if an initial checklist had been supplied before beginning the search.

Furthermore, providing specifics eliminates the possibility of confusion for both parties. There's no worrying about misinterpretation or misunderstanding when communicating upfront about what you want from your forever home. 

Price Range

You need to provide your real estate agent with a price range that you feel comfortable within. This is especially important if you plan to apply for a loan. Knowing your budget and the amount you are willing to spend will allow your Realtor to show you only properties that meet those criteria.

Additionally, you should communicate any incentives you may have if the seller is willing to negotiate the price. These could include your ability to pay closing costs, down payment incentives, or a timeline that works in your favor.

Furthermore, let your Realtor know if you are open to additional financing options to help expedite the process. For instance, if you are open to leasing options, this could help your Realtor find a home that meets your needs and budget quickly. They could also explore the possibility of a rent-to-own agreement that could potentially save you money on moving costs and other fees. 

Make sure to ask your real estate agent about any additional fees that may be associated with the home purchase. Knowing this information ahead of time will avoid any surprises that may arise and derail the process of finding your perfect home.

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