Whether you are a senior yourself or looking for a place for an elderly loved one, senior apartment complexes can be an excellent option for older adults. These multi-unit buildings offer seniors a comfortable life at home near neighbors that may be in the same life stages. Not all apartment complexes are senior-friendly, but you may also find some that are primarily designed to support a senior's lifestyle. As you assess the options available in your area, be sure to take a look at the following attributes to guide your decision. 

Look at Accessibility Features Inside and Out 

Several features can make an apartment more accessible in the event a senior eventually has mobility problems. A few things to look for include: 

  • Is the apartment located on the first floor or accessible by elevator?
  • Are there grab bars in the bathroom around the toilet and shower?
  • Are doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair?
  • Does the apartment have a bathroom on the main level?
  • How difficult would it be to navigate from the parking area to the apartment?

Level of Security at the Apartment Complex and In the Apartment Itself 

Seniors can be at risk when it comes to home break-ins and theft. Therefore, security is an important feature to look for when assessing senior apartments. The best properties will have some level of security in place to protect residents in the building. Security features to evaluate during a visit to an apartment building include: 

  • Is there a security guard on-site?
  • Are there cameras implemented for property surveillance?
  • Is the parking area gated or have controlled access?
  • Is the building outfitted with an alarm system?
  • What kinds of locking mechanisms are on apartment access points?

Consider the On-Site Amenities and Services 

Seniors tend to spend more time at home. Therefore, on-site amenities at the apartment complex can be especially valuable. Some senior apartment complexes offer a host of amenities, including fitness areas, on-site cafes, and dog parks. In addition, some places may offer additional services to residents, such as a maid service, dog-sitting, and more. Consider what amenities the senior resident would find most valuable while choosing the best place. 

Take a Look at the Lease Terms 

Lease terms with every apartment can have stipulations and things to be considered. However, for seniors, it can be even more important to take a good look at the lease. A few things to look for include what property maintenance the tenant is responsible for, whether there are restrictions on overnight guests, and the duration of the lease.

For more information about senior apartments, contact a local business.