If you prefer to live in townhomes as opposed to apartments and other types of dwellings, then you should have the best resources available to you in finding a townhome that best meets your needs. There are single bedroom townhomes for rent that can meet your needs, but if you need two or more bedrooms, you'll find that these dwellings don't stay available for long, or if they do, only single rooms are being rented out and not entire units.

How do you find two bedroom townhomes in your area? It's not always difficult to find the space you need for you and your family if you know how and where to look and you can be versatile about what you're after. Here are some tips to help you get into two bedroom townhomes in the location you desire.

Call townhome managers

A quick online search or classic look in a phone book will reveal the townhomes in your area. You can then call townhome managers and inquire about townhome availability and any upcoming units that might be available soon. You'll want to get an application quickly, even if there are no open two bedroom townhomes in the area you want because once your information is submitted, you can be put on a waitlist to get a property.

Get a real estate agent

A real estate agent is your best option when it comes to getting into two bedroom townhomes in any location, especially if you must live in a certain area or you are on a specific budget. A real estate agent is a professional who will work with you to understand rental agreements, work with townhome managers, look for available units that may not be openly listed online or in newspapers, and will take you to open houses—or attend townhome viewings on your behalf—all to help you get into a rental property you can enjoy.

Since townhomes can quickly rent out due to multiple applicants and may not be as readily available in quantity as perhaps apartments and duplexes may be, it's wise to start applying for potential townhomes now. This way, you can be ready to rent as soon as units are ready to go. You should have your recommendations, referrals, deposit, income proof, and other resources ready to go when applying for two bedroom townhomes in your area so you don't have any snags to worry about when units are available.