Rural, suburban, and urban areas each have their pros and cons for living in. You may find urban living the most appealing for what you want your life to look like. While you can find single-family homes in these areas, you may find that condos are a little more common.

If you plan to buy a condo, you should follow tips on getting one in an urban area to maximize your short-term and long-term satisfaction.


A major advantage of living in an urban area is not relying on a car to get around. Looking for condos close to the city center or in a high-density neighborhood likely means that you can get everything you need within walking distance. However, you also want to check out other transportation options such as bus lines, trains, sidewalks, and dedicated bicycle lanes. If you enjoy biking and find a neighborhood with bike lanes on most streets, you can get to many places faster than walking and public transportation.

Prioritizing condo listings near bus stops and train stops is a smart move. The walk to and from these stations will add time to every trip that you take. Being a block or two away means that most travel time will be on the bus or train and walking to your destination.

Road Noise

Urban areas often come with more road noise than suburban and rural areas because more people and vehicles are around. Living on a busy street is convenient for going to the businesses on the first floor of your condo building. However, you may want to prioritize side streets to minimize the amount of road noise you hear from your condo.

Even if you are on a busy street, you can reduce noise by ensuring your balcony and windows do not face the street. Another way to keep road noise down is by looking for high-floor condos because increasing the distance between your unit and the road works well.


Getting privacy in an urban area is often a little more challenging compared to less-populated areas. Fortunately, you can gain privacy for your household with strategic condo shopping. A great example is picking a high-floor unit to prevent drivers and pedestrians from seeing inside. The only thing you must think about when buying a condo on a high floor is nearby buildings because the residents may see through your windows.

Use these tips when buying a condo to maximize satisfaction with urban living. Reach out to residential real estate services to learn more.