If you're searching for the right senior apartment for yourself or a loved one, you probably already know that aging in place is a popular trend. After retirement, however, seniors often choose to downsize to a more scalable living environment such as an apartment in a senior complex that offers independent living. The main advantages of this option include smaller, easier-to-maintain living spaces, reduced or completely eliminated outdoor chores, and easy access to others their own age for shared activities, social engagement, and companionship.

However, not all senior apartments complexes are the same — some are simply basic apartment buildings with age limitations and no particular amenities, while others resemble small villages with an array of amenities ranging from on-site beauty shops, movie theaters, and five-star dining options. Many seniors opt for something in between, and personal preference plays a big part in choosing an apartment complex. There are some amenities, however, that act as a foundation for an enjoyable, comfortable, and stress-free lifestyle for retirees. Following are five of them. 

Private Patios or Balconies

Even in complexes with plenty of shared outdoor spaces, there's something about a private patio or balcony that increases the quality of life of apartment dwellers significantly. Many retirees simply enjoy having their first cup of morning coffee or tea in a pleasant outdoor space whenever possible, while others may want an area to grow a few flowers and herbs in containers. Still others may wish to have a place to entertain friends and family when the weather is nice. No matter what the reason, most people find even a small private outdoor space to be a highly desirable amenity.

A Community Garden Area With Raised Beds

Many seniors also like to have a patch of ground where they can grow their own herbs, vegetables, and flowers. If this is important to you or your loved one, look for a complex that offers raised beds. Raised beds make it easier for seniors to perform routine gardening chores such as preparing the soil, weeding, thinning, and harvesting that require kneeling and bending if the garden is planted at ground level. Waist-high raised beds are best for seniors because they eliminate bending altogether. 

A Designated Dog Park

Although many senior apartment complexes allow residents to share their homes with furry friends, many of them lack on-site dog parks. On-site dog parks allow pets to frolic, socialize, and get their daily exercise needs met. Although it may seem as if this amenity only benefits those with dogs, that's not entirely true. For instance, dogs that get enough exercise are less likely to engage in excessive barking, which benefits everyone living in the vicinity, and it's also good for the community as a whole when dogs have a designated place to eliminate bodily wastes. 

A Concierge Service

Basic concierge services have the potential to make a substantial difference in the lives of senior citizens. In an apartment setting, this could mean that packages are accepted by front desk personnel and either held for residents to pick up or distributed to them at a time of their choosing, They may also expedite maintenance requests to ensure the optimal safety and comfort of residents and help with transportation and dinner reservations as well as other small tasks. 

Ample Public Spaces

Complexes that have little or no public spaces have a lonely, isolated ambiance that isn't conducive to community engagement. Look for a building with plenty of community outdoor seating areas, barbecue and picnic spaces, and other welcoming environments that encourage people to naturally gather.

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