Your home is a valuable asset that should provide you with a place to live for years. However, when it is time to sell your home and move, you will want to get all of its value from the sale, which requires you to prepare your home for a most successful sale. Here are some recommendations to help you prepare for and get the most out of your upcoming real estate sale.

Set Your Home Price

One of the biggest decisions and steps in selling your home is to set the price accurately. At the start of the sales process when you list your home for sale, you want to price it according to the market conditions. Your real estate agent will help you out with a comparative market analysis, which calculates into the price how much other homes are selling for. So when a buyer views your home, their real estate agent is going to complete a comparative market analysis on your home to help them determine an offer price. 

When you list your home and set the price, you may also want to give yourself some room for negotiations when you list your home, so understand that you may not get your full asking price for the home. Keep this in mind as you and your realtor set the price and post the listing online.

Clean Up the Property

It is important to clean up your home and improve it so that it looks good for a sale. Make repairs to appliances, fixtures, and other items inside your home that are on your to-do list. Spend time inside your home cleaning surfaces, walls, ceiling fans, and baseboards, and take a look at your flooring. If your home's flooring is stained, dirty, or includes any damage from pets or children, you can arrange for a professional carpet cleaning and repair. Another option would be to replace the carpeting or flooring, which will add instant value and impress buyers who come through your home. 

Included in the clean-up should be the removal of any clutter and extra items in your home's interior and around the yard that detracts from its appearance and decreases its value. Walk through your home and pack up any extra possessions and clutter that are lying around. Take down and pack up personal photos and books, or toys, for example. If you need a fresh perspective about your home's interior and its appearance, talk with your real estate agent. They can provide you with some recommendations to prepare your home visually for a buyer, and areas to improve upon in your yard and its landscaping.