Real estate can be an exciting world to step into. It has its ups and downs like other industries, but many people find themselves in love with their job regardless. Some people have personalities, talents, or other traits that make them ideal candidates for specific career paths. Here are three signs you might be perfect for a career in real estate: 

1. "Are You A Realtor?"

If anyone has ever asked you if you are a Realtor, this might be a huge sign you should be. If you understand the buying and selling process easier, you may have real estate professionals inquire about your background. Many people have no interest in learning more about the process and just want a hands-off approach to their transaction with their Realtor. Realtor lingo can be hard for many home buyers and sellers to understand. Having knowledge about offer-making techniques or knowing to inquire about agent remarks in listing notes may have your Realtor wondering if you know more than their average client. Many people have the opportunity to ask questions or learn more about this field of work while they use the services of a professional, but few take the time to do it. If a broker or agent ever asks you about your background in real estate, this is a sign that you already have significant knowledge and have them convinced.

2. You Love Model Homes

If one of your favorite past times is browsing through local model homes, you may want to consider a career in real estate. Finding a job you love is a huge bonus, so if a job's responsibilities are also a favorite hobby, it's is a no-brainer. Model homes are often beautifully staged and show off high-end features homeowners can add to a home they have built. Many home buyers hire an agent to walk them through the purchasing process when they are building a new home. If you think you would enjoy representing someone and helping them make decisions like this, you would love to be a Realtor. 

3. You Want A Flexible Schedule

Realtors spend much of their time touring potential homes with families and helping clients sell their homes. While setting up home tours and open houses, Realtors can often choose times that work for their personal schedules. Brokers or head agents can appoint assistant agents or other people to help free up their schedules. If you want a flexible schedule that allows you non-traditional workweek hours, you might love a career in real estate.

If you want to learn more about a career in real estate, find educational resources like a real estate broker pre-license online course. There are courses online and in-person you can take to get you started on a new path in the real estate field.