Whether you plan to vacation alone or with others, finding a safe and comfortable place to lay your head at night is an important part of the planning process. There are a few things you should consider beforehand that will help ensure you choose lodging that meets all your needs and expectations. Here is what to consider:

Who Will Be Present?

Are you going on vacation with family, friends, or a mixture of both? You may know how many bedrooms your lodging should have based on the number of people who are accompanying you on vacation, but have you thought about what the floorplan should look like? If you are traveling with family only, you will probably be comfortable enough with each other to share small quarters—maybe even a studio setup.

But if friends are coming along, it's a good idea to make sure that your accommodations feature separate private bedrooms and a full kitchen if possible. This should give everyone the space they need to feel comfortable and ensure that they can retreat to a quiet space when they don't feel like being social.

What Will be Brought Along?

You should also consider everything you will be bringing on your vacation when choosing your lodging. If you don't want to pack a lot of clothing, look for accommodations that feature a laundry room so you can simply wash your stuff and re-wear it throughout the time you'll be there.

If you plan to bring along your laptop and other equipment so you can get some work done in your downtime, make sure that your lodging has a dedicated office space to utilize or you might find yourself having to work in the middle of all the commotion that's happening in the dining space. If you'll be packing workout gear to maintain your fitness during vacation, choose lodging with an onsite workout room or easy access to walking, hiking, and jogging trails.

What Kind of Traveling Will Be Done?

Another thing to consider when planning your vacation is where you will want to travel once you get to your destination. Take the time to mark all the places you want to visit on a map so that you know exactly where everything is located. Also, determine what modes of transportation you plan to take whether rental cars, bicycles, trollies, buses, or taxis. Then you can use the map to decide which accommodations on your list are located most conveniently near the attractions you want to visit. You can also determine which accommodations are near bus stops and other modes of transport if you choose to use them.