When you are house hunting, going after the sale of your first place can be exhilarating and a little intimidating. You might be simultaneously nervous about asking for too much and ignoring things you should request, which is why it really pays to work with a great real estate agent who understands the market. Here are questions you should ask your real estate agent during a house negotiation, and how it could pay off later. 

1. "What Is the Motivation for Selling?" While some people are significantly motivated to sell their home because of an upcoming move, job change, or alteration in financial status, others have the luxury of time. For instance, some people may simply have their home on the market to see what they could get for it, selling at leisure while other people are focused on getting the job done within the next few weeks. 

Talk with your real estate agent about why the sellers have decided to list their home, so you understand what kind of negotiating power you have. For instance, if they are highly motivated, you could risk putting in that low offer. On the other hand, if they are apathetic about when they sell, offering as much as you can may be a better idea if you really want the house. 

2. "What Should I Ask For?" You can have all kinds of things written into a real estate negotiation, even the furniture and artwork inside the home. While many people don't realize just how many things you can request, the fact of the matter is that not taking the time to think about what you want could end up biting you later. 

Talk with the person helping you buy your home about what you like about the house—inside and out—and think about including those items within your offer. For instance, if your kids really like the playset and trampoline outdoors, you could see if they come along with the house. 

3. "Could We Move Up the Timeline?" Every home sale has it's own timeline, which may or may not work with your schedule. Fortunately, real estate agents can ask to move things out further or shorten the deal, so you can close and move in sooner. Think about what you have coming up and talk with your agent about adjusting the timeline. You might be in that house sooner than you think. 

Remember, when you are negotiating for a new home, stay brave and don't hesitate to reach out to your agent. Real estate agents are there to help you every step of the way and will work hard to make sure you feel comfortable and understand what you are up against.