When you own pets, everything that you do requires a little more time or research. When it comes to buying a home, you will have to do some extra research before signing on the line. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you search through local real estate for sale as you search for a new home for your family and your pets.

HOA Restrictions

If you're considering a home built within a housing community, you may have HOA restrictions on the type of pets that you can bring into the community. Prior to even looking at the home, go to the community's website, and read through the HOA rules and regulations.

The information that you find in these documents will tell you exactly what to expect living in the community. You not only will find out what pets you'll be allowed to own, but you'll find out how tall the grass can grow, if there are quiet time restrictions, and so much more. It's always a good idea to read through these documents before buying in an HOA community.

Local Parks

Do you enjoy taking your pets to the local pet park? Well, have you mapped out all of the pet parks in the area where you're planning to move? Some of the local parks will be welcoming to pets, but others will maintain strict leash laws. If your dog needs the space to run free, make sure that you're buying a place close enough to a leash-free area for your dogs to play.

You may be able to find information about each park online. Read through pet parent reviews to find out which parks are best to visit and which ones you should avoid.

Breed Restrictions

Some municipalities and small towns have strict laws about the large breeds of dogs that are considered to be dangerous. Pitbull breeds are the most commonly discriminated against and are banned in many cities and towns.

If you have a large breed dog, check the local laws about ownership before you buy a home. It would be awful if you were to buy the home and find out that your dog cannot live with you.

Take your time and look through many real estate listings. Talk with a real estate agent to gain more information about finding a perfect home for your family – including the ones with fur and paws. Hopefully, you'll find a place to call home.