You have this big idea of ditching the big house and settling with something a little (or a LOT) cozier. Your tiny home dream must fit in with your budget, and that means finding land for cheap so you will have a place to set up your humble little abode in the near future. Finding cheap land for sale is fairly easy in some places, especially if the land does not have to be developed. Check out some of the questions you will run into, however, during your search for cheap land for sale for your tiny home if a piece is advertised as land-locked. 

What does it mean if a piece of land is land-locked and will it matter?

If you find a lot for sale and it is advertised as land-locked, it means that the property is enclosed on all sides by land owned by other parties. In other words, the only available way to access the land is by crossing over someone else's property. This kind of land can be a little less desirable because of that fact, but the solution is usually a simple one. All you need to do is obtain an easement on the other person's property that will allow you to legally drive or walk to your land even though you have to cross property you don't own to get there.

How can you get utilities to land-locked land?

One time it may matter to have landlocked land is if you plan to have electricity, water, or other utilities connected. The outer landowners will have to grant permissions for these lines to be run across their property to get to yours. If they won't, you could have a piece of land that is only good for off-grid style living with no public utilities. 

If land-locked property has restrictions, what does that mean?

You are bound to come across land-locked properties that have some type of restriction listed as a condition of the sale. In general terms, restrictions are things that will not be permitted on the property or things that cannot be done with the property. Restrictions can vary depending on the seller and local governing officials, but they will usually be a short list of things, such as: 

  • No mobile homes allowed 
  • No business development 
  • No farm animals allowed 

With a tiny home, a big restriction to look out for is a restriction against mobile homes. Many of the tiny homes are designed to be mobile with a trailer-type chassis.

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