If you want to keep mice out your home — you first need to keep them out the garage. An infestation of mice will eventually migrate into the living spaces of your home and wreak havoc. Unfortunately, many homeowners engage in mouse-inviting practices and they don't even know it. Learn what you can do to help keep mice out of your garage.

Utilize the Space

Try to use your garage as much as you can, such as parking your car in the garage instead of the driveway. Mice don't like to live in areas where they are distributed. A dark garage that never sees much activity is ideal. Each time you open the garage door, start your car and move around, you're disturbing their space. 

Eliminate Boxes

Swap out your cardboard boxes for plastic storage containers and chests. Cardboard is a common nesting material for mice, so if you have an abundance of boxes in the garage, it can spell trouble. As you get rid of the boxes, it's also a good time to get rid of any items you don't need, as clutter is often attractive for rodents, as well. Keep in mind; cardboard is also attractive for other pests, including roaches. 

Seal the Door

Ensure your garage door is sealed. Remember, mice only need a few inches of clearance to fit through an opening. So, even a tiny gap on the side of the door is ample space for the rodent to enter. If the weather stripping is failing, you might want to invest in rodent guards that fit over the stripping and close any gaps.

Secure Vents

If your garage doubles as the laundry room, ensure the ventilation vent is secure. Even if one side of the vents' screws are loose, a small mouse might be able to squeeze through the gap. You should regularly check the vent screen and if it's damaged, such as with holes, go ahead and replace it. 

Store Wisely

Be mindful of what you store in your garage, as not every item is suitable for space when you're talking about pest control. For example, you-you should never store any birdseed or dog or cat food in the garage. Mice enjoy feeding on these blends and if you leave them in the garage, you're basically sending a message to the pests that you're hosting a buffet. Store them in your home, in a sealed container.

If you have an issue with mice in your garage, it's not the time for a DIY removal method. Mice are incredibly aggressive; you need a professional to resolve the problem for you. Call a mice control professional as soon as possible.