Investing in residential real estate has been a proven path for building wealth for generations of Americans, and it continues to be today. Unlike the stock market, where fortunes can be wiped out in an instant, investments in real estate are tangible and better positioned to hold their value over the long haul.

In fact, many very wealthy people have either made or grown their fortunes by investing heavily in real estate. But, like any investment, some risks have to be considered. If you are new to residential real estate investing and want to reduce your level of risk, the following three tips can help. 

1. Invest slowly and avoid taking on too much debt

With current residential real estate inventories remaining low, investors must be even more cautious with each purchase they make. If they pay too much for a property, it will be difficult or impossible for it to earn a profit. Avoiding this type of problem is easiest for investors who work diligently to stay within the parameters of a strict business budget and avoid taking on too much mortgage debt. Instead, these investors grow their portfolios slowly and steadily, using profits from one property to help pay for their next one, to enjoy a more secure financial position as they build their business.

2. Study the market and learn to recognize housing trends

Investors who succeed must become adept at understanding the residential real estate markets in the areas in which they currently own rental housing or want to do so in the future. This means tracking relevant data, including purchase prices, vacancy rates, and the amounts of rent and fees being charged. Smart investors also make sure they pay attention to municipal and private business trends that can influence their success, including zoning changes and rising or falling levels of available jobs in the area. 

3. Utilize the services of a great agent when buying and to provide property management

Relying on knowledgeable professionals is another important tip for the novice residential real estate investor who wants to avoid as much risk as possible and experience more steady growth and success. In most cases, this means partnering with an experienced real estate professional to help with finding and purchasing the best properties and then handle property management duties for them. By opting for this type of professional assistance, novice investors will be better able to focus on assembling a portfolio of properties capable of helping them build wealth and security. 

For more information on how to find real estate, contact a local realty group.