While some people have such a hard time even finding one house that they feel is perfect for their family when they are home shopping, you may find that you are stuck between two houses that you feel would be a perfect fit for your family. If you find you are going back and forth between two different homes, then this article will help you to decide which one may be the better one for you to go with. Here are three things you should consider when choosing between two homes. 

Expenses Tied To Each Home

Along with considering the mortgage of each house, you should also be thinking about the other bills that come with each one. You may find that one of the homes is going to be much more affordable for you to live in. Older electrical, older systems and appliances, less attention to weather proofing, old windows, excessive square footage and other factors can all come together to end up raising the monthly bills. Also, a very large amount of land that you don't need, but will have to tend to, can also add to your monthly bills.

The Need For Future Repairs

If one of the houses has things wrong with it that will be needing tending to in the near future, then this is something else you want to think about. If you had hopes of moving into a move-in ready home and not find yourself dealing with things like having a new roof put on or other things like this, then you may want to go with the home that is in better shape.

Home Floor Plan

Imagine your family living in each of the homes. There will be one that will prove to be more comfortable for your family and that you will find your furniture moving right into and fitting just like it is right at home. You may feel more comfortable in a single level home, a home with a split floor plan or a home that has plenty of growing space for your family. Or, you may want a smaller home that is going to be easier to tend to with bedrooms that are all near each other, so you can keep an eye on your kids at all times.


You want to end up in a home where you feel safe and where you feel you will have the most enjoyment. If things like close shopping or close access to an airport are important, then these are a couple of examples of things to keep in mind.  

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