Living in a log house offers a high degree of coziness that you'll definitely miss after you sell the home and move out. While preparing a log house for sale should still involve many of the traditional steps you'd take with any house — such as removing excess clutter and ensuring that everything indoor and outdoor is clean — there are some unique opportunities to make the log home for sale more enticing to those who view its photos online and those who visit to check it out. Consult your real estate agent about how to proceed, as he or she may also have some suggestions. Here are some ideas that you can implement.

Provide Traditional Decor

Although there's certainly nothing wrong with the idea of a log house that looks traditional from the exterior but features a modern design style inside, many people are drawn to log houses because they favor the traditional look. If you have a variety of furniture and decorations inside the house from different eras, it may be beneficial to make everything cohesive by getting rid of the more modern elements and focusing on those that are traditional. For example, antique-style light fixtures can effectively complement the style of your home.

Play Up The Coziness Angle

Because many prospective buyers will be thinking of coziness when they arrive at your log house to view it, you want to be sure that they get this impression right away. Have battery-powered faux candles in the windows, for example, so that the house looks traditionally inviting from the driveway. If it's fall or winter, have a fire burning in the fireplace; if the temperature is warmer, even the simple act of setting a fire but not lighting it can feel cozy. Of course, baking an apple pie shortly before you vacate the house so that its aroma fills the space can also play up the coziness angle.

Offer A Historic Photo Album

While some log houses are new but look old, this won't always be the case. If your house was built many decades ago, you might have a selection of historical photos passed down from previous owners. This will especially be the case if the house was in your family for several generations. It can be a really appealing touch to put together these photos into an album and leave the album on the dining room table. Ideally, the prospective buyers will fall in love with the rich history of the home, as depicted in the photos, and be ready to buy it.