A good way to deal with your marital home during divorce is to sell the property and divide the proceeds. However, lots of issues can crop up during the sale and cloud the process. That is why you need to sit down with your soon-to-be former partner and iron out the issues. Here are some of those potential complications.

Selecting the Realtor

The real estate professional handling the sale has a huge role to play. This is the professional who will market the house, negotiate with potential buyers and see to it that every "i" is doted and every "t" is crossed on the relevant documents. Therefore, you have to decide on who will choose the realtor and how they will be chosen. For example, do you want to pick from a list of available realtors, use referrals or ask your divorce attorney for help?

Determining Price

This is another thing that you have to agree on because it has the potential to be extremely controversial. Ideally, price determination shouldn't be left to one party; both parties should be involved, preferably with the input of the realtor. You should also agree on a minimum value that the house must fetch for it to be sold. Don't forget to agree on how the price can be reduced and what can trigger such a move.

Communicating with the Realtor

It is necessary to stay in constant communications with the realtor handling your property's sale. However, you can't both pick up the phone every time the realtor calls; it is also hectic and unprofessional to direct the realtor to contact both of you every time they have something to communicate. Therefore, you need to determine who will be the point person as far as the communication is concerned. For example, you can appoint one of you to be in charge of communications with the caveat that they have to consult the other party before giving feedback to the realtor.

Prepping and Showing the House

Those who have never handled house sales before don't know how much effort it requires. You don't just contract a realtor, sit back, and wait for them to do their magic. You need to stage the house for the listing pictures and prepare it every time a potential buyer wants to view it. Showing a smelly or dirty house to potential buyers will not get you buyers, and if it does, the offers won't be handsome at all.

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