When you sell your home, your agent may suggest the possibility of holding an open house. In order to determine whether or not you want to go ahead and follow through with this, you may want to educate yourself on some of the pros and cons that can come with having an open house. This article will go over the different pros and cons in order to help you determine whether this is the course of action you feel you should go with.

The pros of holding an open house:

You will get fast exposure for the house.

One of the great things about holding an open house is that it can get your home much more exposure, and that exposure will come over the course of a single weekend. People may decide to stop in and look around who didn't even know they were in the market for a new house, but they see the sign out front when driving by and decide to take a look. Even if they don't buy, they may spread the word to others. Also, an open house can get your neighbors over to look at the house. This can be great because they may have someone in mind that they would really like to have move in by them, so they will help the sale along.

You can prepare your house just the way you want it.

When having an open house, you and your agent can work to show the house in the exact condition you want it to be seen in. When you have people popping in on you, it's easy to get caught on a bad day when the laundry has piled up and the kids have brought every toy they have into the living room. However, with the open house, you can show it immaculate and even have wonderful-smelling cookies baking in the oven to offer a pleasant scent throughout the home.

The cons of holding an open house:

You may waste your time talking to people with no interest.

When you have an open house, you will more than likely get people who just want to be nosy. They may even have a lot of questions to ask. However, they really have zero interest in the home and may not even know anyone who is looking. This means they will be wasting your time.

You can get overwhelmed.

You don't have to be there for the open house when you have an agent. However, if you do decide you want to be a part of it, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed if you get a lot of people all walking through your home and asking questions at the same time. It can also make you feel bad if you get a number of people in your home during the open house that have negative things to nit-pick the house about.

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