If you are at a crossroads in your life where you need to move soon, then you may be going over the different options you have available to you. You can buy, lease to own or rent. In order to determine which one is best for you, it's important to consider where you are currently at in life and learn the benefits each option has to offer. Here is some information to help make your decision easier:

Determining what point you are at in life

If you don't have a good length of time on the job or you have poor credit, then it may take you a while to be at the point where you can buy. In this case, it may be best to rent while you work on getting to a better place. If you are almost to the point of being able to qualify for a home loan, but you aren't there yet, then you may find that a rent to own situation will work well for you. It allows you to move into the place you would like to purchase in the future and start putting a portion of your rent toward the purchasing price. If you have good credit and at least two years on the job, then now may be a good time to buy a home. You can contact companies like New Home Buyers Marketplace for more information on this process. 

Buying a home

When you buy, you will be able to call your own shots in your home, making any changes you want. You will also be gaining equity while you live in the house and pay your mortgage. You can live in the house with your family, then decide to rent it out if you choose. You can make changes to it to increase its worth and even sell it for a profit. You won't have to ask anyone for permission before getting a family pet or moving another family member in. The freedom you have when you are buying a home is great.

Renting to own a home

When you rent to own a home, you will be paying monthly rent to the owner and extra that will go toward the amount of the purchase price. There will be a contract that may dictate at what point you plan on paying off the remainder owed. This is a great compromise when you are stuck between wanting to buy and not being quite ready.


If you have a lot of things to get in order before you are in a position to buy a home, then you should consider getting comfortable in a rental while you work things out. It may be best to go into a small place, such as an apartment, condo or small single-family home that allows you to pay lower rent, so you can also save for a future home purchase while renting.