Searching for and buying a home can take a great deal of work and time out of your life. Hiring a realtor is a good way to help you find and buy your next home, as you can use their experienced help and knowledge. Here are three ways your real estate agent can help you in the process of buying a home.

Find Homes to Fit Your Needs

One of the first things your real estate agent can help you with is determining what you want in a home. This includes the size of home and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the style, the area or neighborhood you want to live in, the age of the home, the size of its lot, and even the type of greenery growing in the yard. Let your realtor know if you don't want a home on a busy road or at the end of a dead-end street. You can also tell them if you want to be nearby certain businesses or close to your work or office.

Your real estate agent can complete a search in their database of properties for sale to include or exclude any specific features and amenities. Once they have narrowed their search down to a list of homes you want to tour, your agent will also call and schedule times to view the home while the homeowner is away. Your agent will have a key that allows them to get into each property for the viewing.

Complete a Comparative Market Analysis

After you find a home you are interested in buying or making an offer to purchase, you will want to make sure the asking price of the home is correct and not over-priced. Your real estate agent can complete an analysis on the market to make sure the home is valued correctly. This search looks at similar homes in the area that have sold recently. Because a home's value is only as much as a buyer is willing to pay, its true price is determined by recent home sales in the area.

Negotiate the Purchase Terms

After completing a market analysis on the property of your interest, your real estate agent can help you complete the contract to submit an official offer for the home. This contract includes details about the home sale and if the sale will include any additional requests. Additional requests can include items, such as the fridge or washer and dryer included with the sale, a one-year home warranty on the home's appliances and systems, or a credit from the seller to pay for some or all of your closing costs.