When you love the idea of being involved with the local community, you may search for neighborhoods where the residents get together to tackle various projects. Community meetings are something that you should be able to find when researching different neighborhoods.

After finding these neighborhoods, you may be interested in maximizing the community potential by looking at house features. Some properties make it difficult to interact with neighbors while others encourage it, so you should take time to learn about and look for these features.

Short Driveway

Finding homes with short driveways is valuable because it puts you closer to the sidewalk and other properties. At a property with a long driveway, you may not see anyone at a reasonable distance to talk to them when you step out of your vehicle. But, you may love the idea of getting out of your car and being able to speak with a neighbor who is spending time in their front yard.

This feature makes it easier to communicate with your neighbors, especially anyone who happens to be going on a walk and is passing by your home when you pull into the driveway.

Front Porch

Looking for properties with front porches is ideal because this is a great place to spend time in the morning, after work, or late into the evening. Not only can you watch the happenings of the neighborhood throughout the day, but you can easily talk with all your neighbors. A front porch allows you to invite neighbors over to share a conversation while sitting down and relaxing.

If you want to get specific, you should look for front porches without any screens. This will make it easy for people to see you when you are out in the porch, and it will prevent your neighbors from feeling uncomfortable at the idea of going into a somewhat private space on your property.

Bay Window

Although you may appreciate privacy, you should not hesitate to let your household be an example that portrays your neighborhood as a welcoming and friendly place. A large bay window in the front of your home allows you to put up seasonal or holiday decorations up. For instance, a Christmas tree all lit up with the window open is a great sight to see for those passing by.

This feature can make your neighbors feel more comfortable about meeting your family.

Buying real estate with these features is perfect for getting involved in the community.