Making the inside of your home look as neat and tidy as possible is paramount when you list your home for sale. Pretty soon, people will be walking through your space to evaluate it, and you want these prospective buyers to get a positive feeling wherever they look. Part of preparing for this process is understanding that attention to detail is important everywhere in the home. If you have a closet in your entry hall, it's likely that any serious buyer will open it to look inside. A dirty and cramped area can turn a buyer off, while a neat and tidy space will send a good message about your house. Here are some ways to prepare this fixture of the entry hall.

Cut Down On The Volume

In many homes, the entry hall closet is jammed with coats, hats, shoes, and other necessities. Often, this can cause this storage area to be messy, which isn't what any prospective buyers will want to see. A key step to preparing this area of your home before selling is to cut down on the volume of what you're storing here. Gather all of the items that you don't currently need and don't anticipate needing before you sell your home, box them up, and find a different place to store them. An entry hall closet is much easier to assess when there are seven or eight coats hung tidily, rather than 15 coats jammed together.

Clean It Thoroughly

Entry hall closets can get messy during the winter and spring, in particular when boots and shoes are wet or muddy. This can leave the floor of the closet dirty, which can be a turnoff for people checking out this area. The simple solution is to clean it thoroughly, and doing so involves hauling everything out so that you can vacuum and scrub the floor. When you have the bottom part of this space empty, you can assess what doesn't need to be put back. Remember, the fewer things that you have, the tidier it will look.

Look For Unique Storage Ideas

Prospective buyers get a good feeling when they see storage space being used well, so it's worth taking a step back to assess how you use the entry hall closet and what changes you might be able to make. You may wish to visit a storage retailer to look for storage solutions that can help this part of your home look good to buyers. For example, a rack for hats or shoes that hangs on the inside of the closet door can work well.

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