In many homes, the attic is a place that you strive to avoid. Dingy and dark, and full of insulation that can bother your eyes, throat, and skin, it can initially seem like a bad idea to spend time in the attic. However, what you might be thinking about is an unfinished attic. If the attic is finished, it immediately becomes a place that you can enjoy spending time in. If you're having a custom home built, you'll definitely want to talk to your builder about finishing the attic. Just as a finished basement makes this part of your home more livable, a finished attic can offer space for your whole family. Here are some benefits of having your custom builder finish your attic.

It Adds To The Square Footage Of Your Home

If you're looking to have a larger home, you may be concerned about the cost of adding extra square footage. However, when you get the attic finished, you're essentially adding square footage without having to increase the physical size of the home. With a small custom home, a finished attic can provide valuable additional space. Even if your custom home is on the larger side, a finished attic will add welcome roominess.

It Can Be Suitable For Many Applications

A key advantage of finishing your attic is that you can use this space for a multitude of purposes. If you have children, the finished attic can be a perfect playroom. You can fill it with your children's toys, and not have to worry about keeping it tidy in the same way that you might fret about the tidiness of your living room. It can also work as a home gym, a home office, or even a spare bedroom that you can use when you have overnight guests.

It Adds To Your Storage Space

Even if you don't plan to spend time in the attic, it instantly becomes viable for storage once it's finished. You're unlikely to store your possessions in an unfinished attic because they'd get covered in insulation dust and be difficult to access. When the attic is finished, however, you can easily store boxed goods, seasonal items, and all sorts of different possessions in this part of your home with the confidence of knowing that they'll be easy to retrieve when the time comes. Your custom builder will be able to talk about different features of a finished attic so that you can choose the attic that suits you best.

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