It's pretty easy to tour and view homes for sale when you're trying to buy in an area where you've lived, or a town close by to where you live now. But if you're looking for a home in a new state, home searching becomes more complicated. First of all, it's challenging to know neighborhoods and community trends, traffic patterns, and local businesses. But, it's also hard to take time to see enough properties and handle a sale when you're still living far away. 

Here are some tips for house shopping when you live in a different state. 

1. Get a good real estate agent.

Buyers don't have to look for a home with an agent, but when dealing with an out of state move, they are invaluable. Ask for agent referrals from people who live in the city you are moving to. Make sure your agent knows the area well and has a good feel for the key wish list items for your new house. Finally, make sure the agent will be able to work around your schedule: you might not have a ton of time to make trips out for showings, so having an agent willing to work evenings or weekends to help you find your house is really important. Their expertise is what you need to find a home in a neighborhood that matches your lifestyle and family. 

2. Use online listings to your advantage.

Many listings are now posted online. Homes that are being sold through professional real estate agents will have good photos and specs. You can use the addresses of homes you are interested in to search for property assessments by the county you are buying in. This helps you know how the home has increased or decreased in value, how much taxes are, and how long the sellers have owned the home for. Most county assessors will also post the general condition of the home and answer questions that might not be in the listing, such as what the siding type is and whether there's a full basement. 

3. Make a plan.

With your real estate agent and your online listings in line, it's time to plan house hunting day. Make sure all the viewings are lined up ahead of time, and give yourself enough time at each house to really look. You don't want to drive all over the city, so having them mapped out efficiently can save you time. A well-planned search can allow you to see many properties at once. Take pictures and notes so each house stays independent of others -- they can all run together after several viewings, and you won't be able to go back and look again easily.

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