When you're a senior citizen who moves into a 55 plus community, one of the concerns that you might initially have is whether people below this age cutoff, such as grandchildren coming for a sleepover, can visit you overnight. Rest assured, this is OK. Another concern that you might have is whether a younger person can move in with you. In such a scenario, you'll want to consult someone on the homeowners association of your 55+ community. Generally, such communities have what are known as 80/20 rules. This means that 80 percent of the residents need to be over the age of 55. Here are some situations in which this rule will come in handy.

An Adult Child Lives With You

An adult child may live with you in your 55+ community, even if he or she is below this age cutoff, because of the 80/20 rule. There are several reasons that an adult child may live with you permanently or for a short duration. For example, if you have a child who has mental health issues that prevent him or her from living alone, it's common for the child to stay with you. In another scenario, an adult child going through a divorce may live with you for a month or two until he or she gets a permanent residence.

A Grandchild Staying While In College

If your 55+ community is located near a college and you have a grandchild who has decided to attend that college, it's possible that he or she may choose to live with you to avoid the expense of staying in a dorm or renting an apartment. This can be a nice opportunity for you to spend quality time with your grandchild, even if he or she spends much of the time studying or being on campus. The 80/20 rule will allow the student to stay with you for the school year with no issues.

You Marry A Younger Spouse

Perhaps you moved into the 55+ community after your spouse passed away. After a while, you may decide to begin dating again, and it's possible that you'll eventually find someone whom you wish to marry. In some cases, your future spouse may be younger than 55 years of age — but this doesn't mean that you'll need to move out. Because of the 80/20 rule, your new spouse can move into your home in the 55+ community.